Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses

We have the full range of soft contact lenses to offer to our clients. With the advancements in contact lens manufacturing, there is a soft contact lens to suit most modalities of wear. These inlude:

  • Daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable
  • Toric Daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable
  • Silicone Hydrogel daily, fortnightly, or monthly disposable
  • Multifocal daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable.
  • Coloured monthly disposable

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Where a higher prescription is indicated, rigid lenses achieve sharper visual acuity. High astigmatism can also be corrected with rgps. Multifocal rigid gas permeable lenses are also available.
We can often have a new or replacement lens within 24 hours.

Specialist Contact Lenses

The Specialist Optometrists at Banks are able to fit lenses for a wide range of opthalmic conditions. Such as keratoconus, cosmetic lenses, post graft, post astigmatic keratotomy and post laser.

Payment Plans

There are two options for payment of contact lenses.

Direct Debit Scheme
A monthly charge on the direct debit scheme allows for continued supply of lenses throughout the year with the added benefit of:
Free check ups and eye exams all year (includes any additional check ups, retinal phtography)
Free spare or emergency contact lenses
Free exchanges of unopened boxes when the prescription is updated.
Free home delivery
15% off spectacles, sunglasses or sportswear.
Lower contact lens prices compared to cash buyers

Pay as you go
You can otherwise pay for lenses and consultations as and when you need them with our pay as you go payment option.