Uma Patel, Lead Optometrist

Uma Patel has worked at Moorfields Eye Hospital for 10 years and has special interests in Glaucoma and medical contact lenses. With a young family herself, she is very good with younger patients.

“The clinical direction of Optometry is my main interest and that is why I started my pre reg in Colchester hospital followed by just under 10 years at Moorfields eye Hospital leaving as a Specialist Optometrist. My special interests are Glaucoma and medical contact lenses.”

Uma has been a qualified Optometrist for 14 years. She is a calm, organised, dedicated Optometrist and has been the Practice owner since 2010. The idea behind owning an independent practice was to have the flexibility of combining the pleasure of caring for her young children and working.

The practice is heavily involved in the Local Optical Committee. Uma is Vice Chairman of LSL Loc, taking part in all the external role services offered in the area. These include Cataract Direct Referral, Glaucoma Referral refinement and Minor eye conditions. We are popular with the local GPs who refer direct to us for eye complaints. Many of my clients are GPs and Opthalmologists.

As an independent practice owner I believe in the highest standard of care to each customer and I hope to excel in service compared to our competitors.